The Josiah Story

Embracing Princely Potential.
Moulding Possibilities.

Josiah is a name taken from the Bible depicting a very young but wise king of good character because of his mother’s upbringing.

We were inspired to embrace every child and see them with the potential of young Josiah – kingly, unique, precious, tender hearted, full of promise and in need of good and wise guidance to face the challenges of life.

Our logo of a mother embracing a child represents the Josiah Montessori commitment to be in partnership with parents to raise champions and extend motherly care and love.

Josiah Montessori was started by 3 engineers, who were good friends in an MNC company. They had the desire to start a business and at the same time, their wives were experiencing difficulties finding a good preschool for their young toddlers. After months of thinking, planning and discussing, they decided to combine the two, and Josiah Montessori was born on March 1997.

From our pedagogy and school environment, we designed our unique way to develop our children to reach their best potential.
Josiah has always aimed to be the best preschool for holistic learning in Singapore for all our children.

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